So much to offer groups – need ideas?

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24 December 2016
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28 January 2017

So much to offer groups – need ideas?

When you think about visiting an outdoor activity centre often what comes straight to mind are activities like a high ropes course or canoeing or trail biking.  Whilst these activities are exhilarating and often a highlight of someone’s visit, they are not always for everyone.  We wanted to give you some ideas of what else Lendrick Muir can offer.

What about  . . .

1. Campfire

Lendrick Muir has a huge campfire site where you can sing songs and share stories whilst having a mug of hot chocolate and toasting marshmallows on an open fire.  If the weather isn’t great, then we have a kota, so you can still have a campfire but without the wind and rain!

2. Wide games

rs17183_dsc_3632Wide games are great fun and a fantastic opportunity to make use of the whole site.   All ages can get involved at once.  Need ideas, type in ‘Wide Games’ to Google and there is an endless list of suggestions.  Here are some WIDE GAME IDEAS¹.



3. Bear hunt

Have you got pre-schoolers on your weekend away?  Did you know there is a Bear Hunt course specifically for them?  Read a story and then go in search of a bear.  If this is something you are interested, then CONTACT US and we can help set it up.

4. Chat and learn a new skill.

rs17320_img_7264What skills/ talents do you have in your group with so many different meeting spaces? Why not set up a craft space – like jewellery making or make some cards, do some baking etc. or go outside and practice some photography?  These often create a great opportunity to chat and learn something new about those in your group.



5. Film night / Karaoke

Each of our units has an overhead projector. Why not sit back and relax and have a movie night?  Don’t forget the popcorn!  Or if you are up for a giggle, why not have a karoke night? Everyone loves to sing!

6. Board games

If the weather is not ideal why not relax, gather some friends and play a board game.  Lendrick Muir has various ones around the site or pack one in your suitcase.  Don’t forget – we have giant Jenga which is always good fun. Mind your toes!

7. Self-led activities

Lendrick Muir hosts a variety of self-led activities. Why not have a game of ADVENTURE GOLF, BEACH VOLLEYBALL or DISC GOLF?  There is of course the FOOTBALL PITCH, MULTI USE GAMES  AREA or INDOOR GAMES HALL.  Lendrick Muir has various pieces of different equipment to use.  Do you fancy a game of badminton, basketball or dodgeball?  We also have several ORIENTEERING courses set up with maps and instructions.

8. Walks from Lendrick Muir

rumbling-bridge-gorgeLendrick Muir is situated in beautiful countryside.  We know people often come to the centre after a busy week. Why not take some time out and go for a walk? Just a short walk away is the dramatic canyon of Rumbling Bridge gorge.



We want our guests to have the best weekend away possible. So if you have ideas but are not sure they are possible CONTACT US and we will see what we can do.

¹WCA Camping. Simple Wide Games. WCA Camping, unknown. .11/01/17.