Indoor Climbing Wall

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10 February 2022
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31 May 2022

Indoor Climbing Wall

Lendrick Muir climbing wall fundraising

Onwards and (most definitely) Upwards

It’s always been a priority at Lendrick Muir to year-on-year enhance our guests’ stay. We work hard to regularly add new experiences and upgrade our facilities. We strive to provide fresh, fun-packed and challenging activities. This is why we’re really excited to be taking steps to create our first indoor climbing wall!

The number of visitors to Lendrick Muir has significantly risen over the last five years and we’re privileged to welcome guest all year round. However, one of the greatest challenges to operating an Outdoor Activity Centre over the winter is the weather. Scotland is an amazingly beautiful country, but the climate can affect the breadth of the activity programme we can offer to our guests. Another challenge is the limited daylight over the winter period. We can’t change the weather, but we can develop new indoor activities.

Why an indoor climbing wall?

Lendrick Muir has been working with children and young people for over 20 years. Over the years we’ve seen, countless times, the invaluable benefits for these young people in experiencing challenging activities. Adventurous activities help young people to develop new skills. In addition, they learn how to operate as a team and gain a huge sense of achievement as they step out of their comfort zone and try something new.

Indoor climbing promotes:

  • Creative problem-solving skills and independent thinking
  • Co-ordination, physical strength, stamina and flexibility
  • Focus, perseverance and concentration
  • Confidence and resilience

Our Vision

Therefore, we plan to build an 7.5-metre-high, 17-metre-wide indoor climbing wall within our Games Hall. This will create a climbing area of around 150m2 with approximately 16 rope lines. With a mix of vertical and overhanging features, it will offer a unique, varied and progressive climbing experience suitable for novice and experienced climbers. Depending on our efforts in fundraising, the project would also include the installation of a heating system, soundproofing and upgrading the flooring.

Making it a reality

The design, manufacture and installation of the indoor climbing wall will cost around £100,000. Some of the funding will come through grants, some from partnerships with businesses, but much will come from donations from SU Scotland Supporters.

You can make an online donation to the Lendrick Muir Development Appeal here or call us on 0141 332 1162 (Mon-Fri 9-5).  

You can make a donation by cheque made payable to

SU Scotland, posted to Lendrick Muir, Rumbling Bridge, KY13 0QA. 

Or donate by Bank Transfer to our account with ref: climb 

SU Scotland; Sort Code: 83 – 52 – 00; Account 16312629

If you would like to help us by hosting your own fundraiser or if you have other ideas, please do GET IN TOUCH with us at the Lendrick Muir Office on 01577 842 000. We’d love your support.

Totaliser showing donations up to 23rd June at £43,496

Thank you so much for your support. We’ve a long way to go but we’re incredibly grateful for the donations that we’ve received so far.

Find out more about the Lendrick Muir Development Appeal by visiting the SU Scotland website or in our Stories section.