Being a Trainee Activity Instructor

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7 June 2017
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9 August 2017

Being a Trainee Activity Instructor

It is the end of Fin’s first year as a Trainee Activity Instructor at Lendrick Muir. Last summer he was part of the team for Soul Survivor, a Christian event held at Lendrick Muir and when he saw an advert for a Trainee Activity Instructor, he grabbed the opportunity. He has always enjoyed the outdoors since he was a child and even looked at Instructor courses, but due to the cost never thought it would become a reality.

One year in, he (and his beard!) are very much part of the Lendrick Muir team and he is loving it. He can combine his two passions – the outdoors and working with children, inspired by his many nieces and nephews and the youth work he has done in church. Not only this he has gained a GNAS Archery qualification, completed an Outdoor First Aid course and will soon be completing his Level 2 Mountain Biking Training.

Before coming to Lendrick Muir Fin worked in a school. He says

What I really love about working with children here is, you get to see totally different kids who work in very different ways and find different ways of interacting with them and teaching them.

Being a Christian Outdoor Activity Centre, the staff meet every morning to study the Bible and pray together.  It is a great opportunity to support your colleagues and start the day with an attitude to serve and care for those you are working with.

We share and we pray across the entire team.  The community that is drawn from that as well as the fact you get to meet with God and draw near to God at the start of your work day is quite incredible

‘Day in the office’ for a Trainee Activity Instructor

So what does ‘a day in the office’ look like for a Trainee Activity Instructor at Lendrick Muir?  Each day is very varied with three main tasks: instructing, maintenance and training.  Of course a large proportion of the time is instructing ACTIVITIES such as Raft Building, High Ropes, Archery and Biking.  But not only that. During busy school seasons you could be leading sessions like a Search and Rescue Simulation rescuing ‘injured’ casualties, including teachers! During the Scripture Union Holidays season you could be assisting on camps across Scotland.  One of our instructors is just back from a week of canoeing along the Spey.

Importantly, our Trainee Activity Instructors learn how to maintain the equipment as well as use it.  So they gain skills like bike maintenance and repairing arrows.  In the winter, this can involve more major work improving the facilities.

Then of course there are training days were our Trainee Activity Instructors gain valuable skills which enable them to be the best instructors possible and gain various NGB awards.

Could it be me?

Are you like Fin and never thought it possible to work in the outdoors?  Each year Lendrick Muir employs Trainee Activity Instructors on a two-year programme.  Interested? Then why not CONTACT US for more information or simply APPLY?