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All you need to know to build a brilliant SU Holiday at Lendrick Muir

All fantastic SU Holidays need the same 4 elements.

Fun - Food - Sleep

and the opportunity to explore the Bible and meet with Jesus.


We are delighted to have you as a TL/ATL at an SU Holiday. This page is packed with useful information. Please share all relevant information and documents with your team and cooks.

Beyond Booking

A Guest's Guide to planning and administrating an event at Lendrick Muir.

We've created a comprehensive guide to help you with all the essential areas of planning a residential event. Designed to help you answer all your questions from, "How many dining tables are there in Moubray dining room?" to "What AV equipment is available in Glendevon lounge?".

Although written with weekend guests in mind, there's still plenty of useful information for SU Holidays week-long events.

This guests only webpage also includes everything you need to know about Activities, including Self Led guides, and advice on organising your Catering and Accommodation.

Arrival Day

   12:30 Team Leader arrives for briefing. You may wish to invite your ATLs too.

  13:00 Team arrives including Chief Cook and Catering Team. 

  Chief Cook to arrange for a Kitchen Briefing at a mutually agreeable time (after 1pm).

  13:00 Access to all public areas (meeting rooms, dining rooms, lounges, kitchens)

  16:00 Door signs (A4 frame) can be added to doors but no access into bedrooms yet

  16:30 Campers arrive.

  16:30* Access to bedrooms for everyone.

   * Please note that the LM team will do their utmost to hand over the rooms to you at this time. This, however, may not be possible and you may have to wait a further 30 minutes.

Departure Day

  10:00 Campers leave

  10:30 Team and Catering team leave

  Please empty bedrooms before breakfast to allow preparation for the next event.

FUN - Planning your Activities Programme

We have a variety of activities at Lendrick Muir - some Instructor Led and some Self Led. Activity sessions are shared between the different groups using the centre.  

The specific spreadsheet for your week (found below) will tell you which activities are available on a particular day. Please liaise with the other TLs/ATLs for your week.

Most sessions last 90 minutes and include a changeover/breaktime. Please note that all participants must be at least 8 years old.

Please contact Alyson Hall with any questions and requests.  01577 842000

General Activity Sessions

Session 1: 0930 - 1050

Session 2: 1100 - 1220


Session 3: 1345 - 1505

Session 4: 1515 - 1635

Paddle Sports/Raft Building

    3 hours sessions include around 40 minutes to change out of wetsuits and get dry and dressed.

Session 1: 0930 - 1230


Session 2: 1345 - 1645

Please note, these timings allow for clear up before the end of our working day so sessions cannot be extended.

Instructor & Self Led Activities

Low Level Activities are Archery, Archery Tag, Challenge Course (complete redesign of Low Ropes Course), Bungee Trampolines, Inflatables and Bushcraft.

High Level Activities are Climbing Wall, King Swing, High Ropes Course, Prusik Climb, Trail Biking, Paddle Sports and Raft building

Key:    Instructor Led Activities     Self Led Activities

 Planning your Activity Programme 

Please complete your event spreadsheet in co-operation with the other TLs/ATLs of events running alongside yours. To access the spreadsheet, you must first supply your email address to

  • We would appreciate, where possible, that when booking multiples of the same activity, these are done on the same day.
  • Unless otherwise specified, activity sessions last 1½ hours. (approx. 1hr20mins activity with 10mins to change over).
  • With the range of activities available it will be highly unlikely that each camper will get to participate in all the activities. As long as they are provided the choice, we meet our obligations in providing what is advertised.
  • Most activities are for groups of 8 campers, accompanied by a leader. The spreadsheet will specify.
  • The Sports Hall will be out of use when it is required for Instructor Led sessions. This includes before, during and after an Inflatables session to allow for the equipment to be set up/cleared away.

Please liaise with the ATLs from the other events that are at the centre at the same time as you. This makes sharing out the sessions much easier and ensures that programmes neatly dovetail. If certain activities are not available when you would like them, please get in touch. Activity availability is based on staffing but we can sometimes make alternative arrangements if we have notice. We will collate all the requests and liaise with the Activities Team to arrange a programme. 

Running your Activity Programme

  • A bag of sports equipment (various types of balls) will be provided for each unit. Please return all items at the end of the event.
  • Group Leaders are expected to assist with getting the children/young people ready on time as well as help with group management during sessions. 
  • Please ask your leaders to identify themselves to our Team – it’s not always easy to tell who the leaders are!
  • It is helpful to have an ATL present at the pick-up point for an Activity to ensure that the correct children/young people are in attendance.
  • Medical and Additional Needs information for children/young people/leaders should be given to the Activities Liaison at the beginning of your event.
  • Instructions and Guides for the Self Led Activities can be found in the menu above. Please share these documents with the appropriate members of your team.
  • We require a list of all participants on our Instructor Led Activity sessions. You can use our templates (below) or produce your own.
  • King Swing: if the group has fewer than 6 children/young people it's a good idea to send 2 accompanying leaders.
  • Kota: group leaders running a session must watch our briefing video, and sign to say they have done so, before using the Kota.

Safety first

Activities at Lendrick Muir are governed by SU Scotland’s Safety Management System which responds to the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and Associated Regulations, and in particular the Adventure Activities Licensing Regulations 2004. All activities have an element of risk. Whilst we do all that we can to manage this risk there is still potential for injury. We ask all participants to be aware of this.


Lendrick Muir has been granted a licence by the Adventure Activities Licensing Authority (AALA) to provide adventurous activities for young people. Our Centres are managed by members of the Association of Heads of Outdoor Education Centres and registered with a number of local authorities as accredited providers. Confirmation of the licence contents can be checked online at AALA.

FOOD - Planning your Catering

Here's what you need to know to help you plan your catering with confidence.


SLEEP - Planning your Rooming

A good nights sleep is an essential part of a successful residential. Our unit maps and the Rooming tab in Group Self Service (GSS) will help you get the accommodation right for your group.

Please only submit your bedroom allocations via Rooming as this list needs to be easily accessible to multiple Lendrick Muir teams in the preparation for your arrival and the Lendrick Muir Host during your event. 

If you would like some assistance uploading your information to GSS, please get in touch.

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