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All you need to know to build a brilliant SU weekend residential at Lendrick Muir

All fantastic SU residentials need the same 4 elements.

Fun - Food - Sleep

and the opportunity to explore the Bible and meet with Jesus.

Beyond Booking

A Guest's Guide to planning and administrating an event at Lendrick Muir.

We've created a comprehensive guide to help you with all the essential areas of planning a residential event. Designed to help you answer all your questions from, "How many dining tables are there in Moubray dining room?" to "What AV equipment is available in Glendevon lounge?".

This guests only webpage also includes everything you need to know about Activities, including Self Led guides, and advice on organising your Catering and Accommodation.

FUN - Planning your Activities Programme

We can generally offer one complimentary Instructed Activity on a Saturday per camper. In order to achieve this we may need to offer activities that can accommodate larger group numbers such as Archery Tag and Inflatables. We currently have the capacity to run 3 Instructor Led activities at each session.

If you have an appropriately trained volunteer on your team you may be able to run a 4th Instructed Activity alongside our Instructors. Please notify the Office of who your volunteer instructor will be so that we can confirm that their qualifications are up-to-date.

Sessions last 90 minutes and include changeover/breaktime. The 12 activity sessions are shared across the whole centre. Instructed and Self Led Activities can be booked for these sessions. Due to shorter daylight hours, session 4 does not run from November to January.

Session 1: 0930 - 1100

Session 2: 1100 - 1230

Session 3: 1345 - 1515

Session 4: 1515 - 1645

Please note that all participants must be at least 8 years old.

Please liaise with Alyson Hall with any questions and requests.  01577 842000

Activities Booking Pathway

All Activities, both Instructor Led and Self Led, must be booked in advance.

We're here to help at every stage of your planning. Get in touch if you have any questions.

Lendrick Muir Activities Pathway calendar tab 6 months

6 months before your event

You’ll receive an email asking if you wish to book our Instructed and/or Self-Led Activities. At this point we don’t need to know exactly what you’d like but it allows us to arrange our staffing if we know if you're interested in booking Instructor Led Activities.


Lendrick Muir Activities Pathway calendar tab 8 weeks

8 weeks before your event

You’ll receive an email asking you select the Activities that you are interested in. We can have up to 3 groups staying at the Centre at the same time so you may not be able to book your first choices. We will always try to share the Activities fairly among the guest groups.

Lendrick Muir Activities Pathway calendar tab 7 weeks

7 weeks before your event

Now it's time to book Activities. You should select the Instructor Led and Self Led Activities you would like and contact the Office with your draft Activities programme. Once we’ve received requests from all our guest groups, we’ll email you a confirmation of your programme.

Lendrick Muir Activities pathway calendar tab At your event

At your event

A member of our Activities Team will meet with you on Saturday morning, usually between 9am and 9:30am, to confirm your programme and deliver any necessary safety briefings (Kota and Adventure Playpark) to selected members of your team. As we require a record of anybody taking part in our sessions, we will supply you with Activity Sign Up sheets for any Instructor-Led Activities that you have booked.  We don’t require a record of those participating in Self-Led Activities.
Adverse weather conditions and other unforeseen circumstances can mean that we have to make last minute changes to your programme.

Instructor & Self Led Activities

We aim to provide you with 1 complimentary (c) Instructed Activity per camper

2024 prices are for sessions you may wish to book in addition to your complimentary sessions.  

Key:    Instructor Led Activities     Self Led Activities

Safety first

Activities at Lendrick Muir are governed by SU Scotland’s Safety Management System which responds to the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and Associated Regulations, and in particular the Adventure Activities Licensing Regulations 2004. All activities have an element of risk. Whilst we do all that we can to manage this risk there is still potential for injury. We ask all participants to be aware of this.


Lendrick Muir has been granted a licence by the Adventure Activities Licensing Authority (AALA) to provide adventurous activities for young people. Our Centres are managed by members of the Association of Heads of Outdoor Education Centres and registered with a number of local authorities as accredited providers. Confirmation of the licence contents can be checked online at AALA.

FOOD - Planning your Catering

Be it a Self-Catered or Part-Catered event, here's all you need to know to help you plan your catering with confidence.

If you would like some assistance entering dietary information into Group Self Service, please get in touch with the Office.

Self-Catered Pathway

Before your Self-Catered event

Please share the catering Information for Guest Cooks with your catering team well in advance of your event. The document lists all the equipment available to them as well as useful contact information for food delivery. 

It is also recommended that you organise a duty rota for your group. Responsibilities are listed the the Beyond Booking Guide.

Lendrick Muir Activities pathway calendar tab At your eventAt your Self-Catered Event

On arrival, one of our Catering Team will meet with your Cooks to deliver a kitchen induction. This typically takes place between 5pm and 5:30pm. Please let us know if your Chief Cook will be arriving later than 5pm so that we can re-arrange this induction for you. Our Team will explain how to use the kitchen equipment and provide paperwork for your Chief Cook to record temperatures. 

Part-Catered Pathway

Before your Part-Catered event

Lendrick Muir will provide your group with a homemade traybake for your arrival on Friday, but we do not supply an evening meal. You are welcome to use the kitchen(s) to prepare food for your guests when the kitchen is not in use by our Catering team. If you plan to provide a meal on Friday evening remember: 1) you will only have access to the kitchen(s) from 5pm, 2) your cooks will be required to attend a briefing with our Catering team ahead of beginning preparations. More details can be found in Beyond Booking.

If you'd like to offer between meal snacks and supper on Saturday night, please make your own provisions for this. 

It is also recommended that you organise a duty rota for your group. Responsibilities are listed the the Beyond Booking Guide.

1 month before your Part-Catered event

You’ll receive an email asking you to log in to Group Self Service and complete the tasks listed on the "Things I need to do" list. You will need to know your guest numbers and their dietary needs (vegetarian, vegan, allergies etc)

2 weeks before your Part-Catered event

This is the deadline for sharing dietary information and confirming guests numbers. Our Catering team will upload the menu for your event.

Lendrick Muir Activities pathway calendar tab At your event

At your Part-Catered event

On arrival, one of our Catering Team will meet with delegates from your group to explain how to use the dishwashers and where to find tea and coffee and the foods required for breakfast. This typically takes place between 5pm and 5:30pm. Please let us know if your Duty team will be arriving later than 5pm so that we can re-arrange this briefing for you.

SLEEP - Planning your Rooming

A good nights sleep is an essential part of a successful residential. Our unit maps and the Rooming tab in Group Self Service (GSS) will help you get the accommodation right for your group.

Please only submit your bedroom allocations via Rooming as this list needs to be easily accessible to multiple Lendrick Muir teams in the preparation for your arrival and the Lendrick Muir Host during your event. 

If you would like some assistance uploading your information to GSS, please get in touch.

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