End of Year 2021 News from Marek

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21 December 2020
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‘Only God’ moments, praying for Lendrick Muir
14 December 2021

End of Year 2021 News from Marek

An end of year picture of Lendrick Muir grounds in the snow

We’ve reached the end of year! 2021 has been year of ups and downs but I wanted to encourage you with some highlights at Lendrick Muir. As I look back I am in awe at how the Lord has been looking after us; how much He has blessed us. He provided for us and given us opportunities to share the good news with those who needed to hear it. 

A New Year, a new way of working!

We started 2021 with another national lockdown with many of our team on Furlough or working from home. Despite this, in January we were able to host a group of international students at Lendrick Muir. They needed to quarantine after returning to Scotland from their Christmas holiday.  Obviously enjoyed their time at Lendrick Muir as they returned to stay with us during their Easter holidays 

Reflecting at the end of the year - an outdoor Bible study. As Spring approached, we were involved in lots of staff training. This ensured that as restrictions eased, we were all prepared to welcome guests back again. Because a reduction in team it has become vital that everyone was able to help in other departments when necessary.  Sadly we have lost about 1/3 of our staff team and some volunteers since the beginning of the pandemic. 

A highlight of the Spring was that in May we were finally able to host groups on site again. We developed an exciting new Activity Day programme so groups could make the most of our activities, catering and beautiful grounds. Since the beginning of 2021 we have hosted nearly 100 Activity Days – a mixture of school trips, church and youth groups and of course SU Activity Day Camps which began in July. To make these days possible “whatever the weather” we invested in shelters to provide undercover areas, plenty picnic benches and outside toilet blocks. Reflecting at the end of year on the changes made - a large blue outdoor tented shelter

In July we hosted a residential SU Holiday with a difference: just twenty campers in the whole building as restrictions meant everyone had to have their own bedroom and toilet! Another highlight of July was the return of Magnitude, our summer youth festival, which this year was live streamed from Lendrick MuirNearly 550 young people from 42 youth groups watched online, with many forming local ‘hubs’ to join in together. During the summer holidays our instructors also supported Holidays Unleashed events, taking a taste of the Lendrick Muir experience all over Scotland!  

Reflecting at the end of the year on all the ministries that happened - magnitude streamed from LM. In September Lendrick Muir was finally able to welcome residential groups back to stay for the weekend.  Just since the beginning of Autumn 2021, we have been delighted to host over 30 groups and it is wonderful to have the Lendrick Muir building busy again. One group even chose to come and camp in the grounds for the weekend! We also hosted a further 4 SU Holiday events in the October holiday, including the Go Conference. We’ve finished the end of the year with a first for Lendrick Muir – a school residential in December.

New beginnings in 2021

As we get to the end of the year we reflect on the many positive new beginnings in 2021. We’ve rebuilt much of the Low Ropes course (now renamed the Challenge Course), continued work on a new activities base and bike workshop area to store andChallenge course aerial view maintain activities equipment, and we’ve hosted the outdoor wedding ceremony of a former member of staff. We’ve also formed new partnerships in 2021. To support the goal of SU Scotland to be more green we’ve partnered with A Rocha UK.  A Rocha UK is a Christian charity working for the protection and restoration of the natural world. We’ve become one of their Partners in Action and have already started work on many environmental projects. Keep an eye on our social media for news and volunteer opportunities.

SU Scotland has a heart for prioritising the disadvantaged. Since the Spring we’ve been working alongside Police Scotland and the Scottish Violence Reduction Unit (SVRU). We have hosted families, community groups and SVRU staff for a number of Activity Days and a weekend residential. 

Supporters and VolunteersLendrick Muir climbing wall fundraising

We have been greatly blessed this year by a local supporter Iain, who challenged himself to walk 2021 miles in 2021 and raise money for our climbing wall project. As his challenges reaches the end of the year it’s not too late to donate, so if you’d like to support Iain and our project visit his JustGiving page

We are so thankful for the volunteers that have been able to continue to serve at Lendrick Muir over 2021. Lendrick Muir couldn’t operate without volunteers. We are always delighted to welcome new volunteers to our team, so if you have some time to spare and can vacuum, dust, cook, wash up, paint or weed (or many other things!) we’d love to hear from you. 

Looking ahead to 2022

Now as the end of year is nearly upon us we look ahead to 2022.  Wdo now need to grow our team again so we are ready to face new challenges. We are excited to have a busy 2022 calendar, but we are a 1/3 of a team down. There are various opportunities available so please do take a look and pass on to anyone you think may be interested in working with us.

Please continue to pray for us, especially that the Lord will guide us as we grow the team. Pray that we are ready to serve the next generation.  

Many thanks for all you do helping us to invest in the Kingdom of God.