Lendrick Muir has a new Centre Director

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18 December 2018
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2 December 2019

Lendrick Muir has a new Centre Director

Lendrick Muir

We would like to introduce our new Centre Director at Lendrick Muir.

As you may have guessed by the name Marek isn’t Scottish but actually born in Auschwitz, Poland.  However, after visiting Scotland in 2006 and falling in love with Sally he decided to stay!   This year Marek and Sally have celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary.  They have two amazing boys Benjamin who is in P2 and Lucas who is at nursery.

Four and a half years ago Marek felt called to work for SU Scotland as the Facilities Manager at Lendrick Muir after running his own building business.  This was a scary decision at the time but there is no doubt in his mind that it was right decision.  God is the best employer!

“I love working here at Lendrick Muir. I love the organisation’s vision ‘to see the children and young people of Scotland exploring the Bible and responding to the significance of Jesus!’ And that’s why I am here.  Did you know that 90% of Christians commit their life to Jesus before the age of 24! This is an outstanding statistic – we are investing in the future of God’s church and our amazing God is blessing our work abundantly.

I have two passions in my life, number one is God! I love serving Him and SU Scotland is the place where He is using all of my strengths but also my weaknesses as well. Passion number two is people. I love people. I love when people discover our amazing God.  I love when they work out what their calling is, their special giftings, the role God has prepared for them. He wants us to reach our potential so we can bear good fruit. I love investing in people and seeing them “fly” for His glory.

My desire is to work hard to continue the good work that has been done here in the last 20 years by many amazing people before me. I am very excited to work alongside the extraordinary team of passionate people here.  These not only include paid staff but also our incredible volunteers who faithfully serve the SU Scotland’s vision.”



How can you pray for the work at Lendrick Muir?

There are three things Marek would ask you to pray for.

  1. Please pray for those young people who are coming to LM for the residential experience. Pray that they would have a fantastic time but also encounter God through their time here.
  2. Pray for the Team, there is a lot of work here! We are blessed to have a great number of amazing helpers but pray for the strength of the team please.
  3. Finally, please pray for me. Pray that I would stay focused and close to God in the busyness of  everyday life, and have the wisdom that I need from God to fulfil His calling on my life.

The team are so excited to have Marek as their new Centre Director. We are excited about how we are going to see the work and ministry grow and develop under his leadership. Why not come at see what is happening for yourself at Lendrick Muir by coming to our 20th ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATIONS?