Lendrick Muir’s Summer Newsletter

Could you please pray for Lendrick Muir?
9 July 2020
Lendrick Muir’s December Update
21 December 2020

Lendrick Muir’s Summer Newsletter

Dear friends

Here we are at the beginning of July  as I am writing my summer newsletter, I am very thankful to God that my family and our staff here are healthy and have been kept safe through these months. Yet as I look out of the window and I see Lendrick Muir at its best, my heart cries because we are currently not able to have kids running about, having fun, learning new things, building relationships with their friends and so importantly sharing the gospel with them. There is a hope that the outdoor industry will revive soon as its crucial for the wellbeing of the young people, and also for us adults that we will be able to return to doing what we love.

Our vision is “To see the children and young people of Scotland exploring the Bible and responding to the significance of Jesus” but unfortunately right now we are not seeing that. There are good things happening in our organisation online at Easter we had SUTV, we have recently finished a discipleship course online for our youth leaders and currently on is SCOTLAND’S BIGGEST HOLIDAY CLUB and in a few weeks MAGNITUDE a youth festival is also online and that’s fantastic but there is something special missing here,  the residential experience. Being away from home, spending time with friends creates a very different experience. Perhaps we long for it more now as we are stuck at home under Covid 19 restrictions.

Despite all of this God is still at work, maybe we are not “seeing” young people exploring the Bible, but He is working in everyone’s life just as well as He was before all of this. That’s why we are so blessed as Christians to have that Hope in Him and in a better future.

It’s good to see less virus cases in Scotland every day and restrictions being lifted slowly, our hope is to see Lendrick Muir busy again soon. Currently most of our staff are on Furlough thanks to the amazing help from the government, without it most of the hospitality industry would be bankrupt.   We have been exceptionally blessed by some of our volunteers who have faithfully supported us in keeping the centre ticking over during this time.

Drying room

Picture – Drying Room

New Activities Hub

Our current plans are to use Lendrick Muir during the summer to bless families who were unable to go on holidays this year by using our AVAILABILITY for those who would like to take the opportunity to reunite with wider family, spending time together at our beautiful site. As schools go back in August, we want to support them in helping them to promote outdoor learning by providing activities sessions at their school grounds but also at our premises. We still have weekend groups and a few schools who are very keen to come in the autumn term for a residential experience which is fantastic.  In the meantime we are working hard to make sure that Lendrick Muir is ready to welcome the guests as soon as possible.


Using previously set aside funds from grants and specific donations we are also investing in completing a new drying room, new activities base and we really hope to build a new climbing wall (funding permitted). As you can imagine the financial challenge CoVid19 is substantial so if you would like to GIVE to the ministry we would be delighted.

As I end this newsletter I encourage you to Stay Safe.  We really hope that you are  going to have a good summer and we hope to see you and your group back soon.

God bless you