Magnitude Festival at Lendrick Muir

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26 May 2023
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Magnitude Festival at Lendrick Muir

Drone photo above Lendrick Muir Residential Outdoor Activity Centre grounds. The large, red big top tent is pitched alongside the MUGA. A large, white marque is pitched next to the beach volleyball court. In the distance are multiple tents.

Tents-a-plenty at Magnitude!

Magnitude: Saturday 22 – Wednesday 26 July

8 men and women stand on a lit stage with song lyrics displayed on a large screen behind them. It reads, "Every knee will bow before him". 45of the men are playing guitars, some also singing into a mic. There's also a keyboard player and drum player in the background.

Worship at Magnitude

Join us at Lendrick Muir Residential Outdoor Activity Centre for Magnitude! 5 incredible days that will inspire and empower you to boldly and fearlessly live out your faith in the other 51 weeks of the year. Magnitude is a five-day annual Christian youth festival for young people aged 11-18. It is a week like no other: a space to encounter God, enjoy community and experience nature together.







A group of young people are carrying backpacks and camping gear to the camp ground at Lendrick Muir. Magnitude Festival. SU Scotland

Heading to the campsite

Can’t make it to the whole 5 days, or don’t fancy camping under the stars? Then why not get a taste for the festival by joining the Saturday evening or by purchasing a day ticket for any or all of the days!

Or if you’d really love to go but don’t have a group to go with, why not book with SU Holidays?







A group of smiling young people are surrounded by clouds of coloured powder paint. Their clothes, skin and hair are covered in coloured powder. Lendrick Muir. Magnitude Festival. SU Scotland

Colour Run at Magnitude

What’s in a day at Magnitude?

Each morning and evening, everyone comes together to worship Jesus, hear practical and engaging teaching from the Bible, and respond to what He’s saying to us. These main meetings are a safe space to encounter God, pray for one another and enjoy being a family. This year’s theme is “I AM” and will take a look at who God is and what he is like and who we are in response to that.






Young people are crowded in to the Big Top tent, raising hands in worship. Magnitude Festival, Lendrick Muir.

Worship at Magnitude.

 The evenings focus on who God is…

• I am creative.
• I am holy.
• I am Saviour.
• I am Father, Son and Spirit.
• I am home.





GUVNA B, dressed in a black tracksuit is standing on stage at Magnitude, holding a microphone.

Guvna B is set to return to Magnitude ’23

The mornings focus on who we are…

• In Christ, I am created.
• In Christ, I am made holy.
• In Christ, I am saved to…
• In Christ, I am adopted.









A smiling girl wearing a black apron with the Magnitude festival logo stands behind a table covered in chocolate bars and soft drinks cans. Lendrick Muir. SU Scotland

There are many of pop-up eateries to chose from at Magnitude.

The rest of the programme is packed with activities, seminars, workshops and opportunities to hang out. From outdoor activities to late night worship around a campfire, there’s really something for everyone. For the competitive among you there’ll be sports competitions through the week, or, if chilling with a good book and a nice cup of coffee is more your vibe, there’s a bunch of cafes on site to kick back in and relax. There’s also the opportunity to link up with a host of great organisations in the Epicentre Market. Whatever floats your boat, you won’t be bored!

So, what’s stopping you?

Get your tickets now!