‘Only God’ moments, praying for Lendrick Muir

An end of year picture of Lendrick Muir grounds in the snow
End of Year 2021 News from Marek
14 December 2021
More than just a job – working at Lendrick Muir
10 February 2022

‘Only God’ moments, praying for Lendrick Muir

Only God

As you read the news it is easy to become anxious.  As Marek states in his 2021 newsletter it been a year of ups and downs!  Christmas is a reminder of God’s gift and promise to us through Jesus with the words of Isaiah 9:6 (ICB)

A child will be born to us, God will give a son to us, He will be responsible for leading the people.  His name will be Wonderful Counsellor, Power God, Father Who Lives Forever, Prince of Peace


So much of this year we have been left saying ‘Only God.’  There has been so much to thank God for. Below is a small snapshot of feedback we have had when asking what people highlights have been when they have visited:

  • Being back on site doing face to face activity and Bible engagement was the highlight. – SU Bearsden, Milnagavie and Torrance
  • Opportunities for children to enjoy outdoor activities as a class, especially after the circumstances of last year – Primary School
  • Seeing kids enjoy exploring Jesus and have fun – Day Camp
  • Being with people – Day Camp
  • The families connecting and enjoying the day – Community Group

When the centre started the year in lockdown, yet by the end of the year welcomed thousands through the doors, making connections with new groups, you couldn’t help but say ‘Only God.’   It has been an amazing privilege to provide a space where people can meet again and children can have fun with their peers.

So thinking ahead to 2022

We would appreciate your prayers for


Firstly please pray the team would be able to maximise our impact on children and young people giving them the opportunity to simply have fun.  Secondly as we have lost nearly two years of children and young people coming on residentials please pray for children who are anxious about coming on a residential as opportunities have opened up for weekends, SU holidays and school residentials.


2021 has been an unsettling time for staff, the team is around a third smaller than before coronavirus.  We are excited that groups are raring to come back but recruitment is vital to this.  Please pray as we continue to advertise vacancies that the right people join the team ready to go.  Please also pray for a restful Christmas break for everyone.  Also as the SU Scotland team navigate coronavirus protocols and guidelines please pray for wisdom and guidance.


SU Scotland has released a new strategy for 2021 – 2024. Please pray for Lendrick Muir as it seeks to outwork the vision at SU Scotland

to see every child and young person in Scotland exploring the Bible and responding to the significance of Jesus.

In 2022 we are particularly looking at rebuilding residential activities and how to expand the work further with those from disadvantaged backgrounds or with additional support needs.

Finally our prayer for you is that whatever 2022 brings we pray that your year is filled with ‘only God’ moments.