Supporting Lendrick Muir in 2021

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21 December 2020
An end of year picture of Lendrick Muir grounds in the snow
End of Year 2021 News from Marek
14 December 2021

Supporting Lendrick Muir in 2021

Thank you for taking the time to read this post supporting Lendrick Muir.  There are many ways you can do this.

Volunteering at Lendrick Muir

We have been so blessed as a centre to have so many amazing volunteers who have given many hours supporting Lendrick Muir whilst the majority of the paid staff were on furlough. They have helped with managing the grounds, fixing equipment, cleaning the building between groups and so much more. Their support has been invaluable and as we sadly say goodbye to staff whose contracts have come to an end volunteers are vital to seeing the centre through this difficult period and beyond. If you have some time to support Lendrick Muir as a volunteer please do not hesitate to get in contact.

Supporting Lendrick Muir through Prayer

As a team we have still continued to meet daily through Zoom even whilst the country was in full lockdown and only a couple of the team were not on furlough. We have seen the way God has miraculously supplied our needs financially and spiritually. We have made new connections with schools, families and youth groups locally which will continue far beyond 2020.

As a team we have regularly come back to the story of Jesus calming the storm and more recently at our staff conference Jesus providing breakfast for the disciples shortly before his ascension, having the disciples pause in the busyness to spend time with Jesus. There has been a real sense of God walking with us through this time as well as fresh and new opportunities for ministry.

Supporting Lendrick Muir through prayer is vital, so if you were to ask us for three prayer points these would be

  1. That in 2021 we would be able to safely welcome lots of children and young people through our doors for either activity days or residentials. Particularly, pray for those young people who have really struggled in this last year for a whole variety of reasons.
  2. For those staff whose contracts could not be renewed, pray that fresh opportunities would arise for them to use their amazing skills. Also please pray for the team at Lendrick Muir working with a multitude of challenges that coronavirus brings.
  3. Please pray for wisdom for those both leading Scripture Union Scotland and Lendrick Muir as they navigate the way through this next year as an organisation.

Giving to the Ministry of the Centres

We recently launched a Centres Appeal for our three centres across Scotland and have seen a fantastic response. However, the reality is that retaining our centres could cost up to £400,000 in 2021 and the centres’ teams will be 40% smaller in order to save costs but this also limits what we are able to do. So if you would like to give to the ministry we would be extremely thankful.