Exciting developments at Lendrick Muir in 2018

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9 April 2018
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30 June 2018

Exciting developments at Lendrick Muir in 2018

In Michael’s last video we looked at his HIGHLIGHTS of last year.  This time we are going to look to the future and share some of the exciting developments that we have planned.

New Low Ropes Course

Outside, a new Low Ropes Course is being built. It will go on the site of the existing Low Ropes Course.  The Low Ropes Course is one of the most popular ACTIVITIES and is used most weekends.  Work has already begun with holes being dug and filled with concrete.  The hope is that the course is ready for Summer 2018.  The work will be done in two stages – the first being ready for this summer and to ensure that we always have a Low Ropes Course that can be used by our guests.

Activities Base

Another exciting development is the transformation of what isn’t really the most attractive part of our grounds – the shed where the bikes are currently kept and the drying room. We aim to change that. We are re-purposing this entire area to be an Activities Base – a place where we can store all the kit, dry it in storage, as well as have a drying room facility for any wet kit. It will be somewhere where the guests can be briefed about their activity and get kitted out before they go out on their activity. So expect big changes in this area.

Drying Room

With the building of the new Activities Base, we are needing to move the drying room.  Therefore, we are going to install a new one accessible through the Crush Hall (outside the Games Hall).  The good news is that guests from any unit will be able to come here and dry their clothes within the main building.


Another thing we plan to do is to work on the bathroom and shower refurbishment.  Many of the bathrooms were looking quite old and tired and we replaced five of them last winter.  We have got four left to do as part of this project which we will be doing in the year ahead. This will bring that particular project to a close.

So these are some of the exciting developments we are looking forward to.  If you would like to support us in that, we have a Lendrick Muir Development Appeal which you can GIVE to.