How does it feel on the high ropes?

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5 February 2016
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5 February 2016

How does it feel on the high ropes?

High ropes

Have you ever experienced that seriously shaky sense of fear when you have to jump off something high?

It’s amazing! The ropes course at Lendrick Muir is as safe as houses. You are roped up by an expert and everything is carefully managed and explained. But somehow that doesn’t alter the fact that it is seriously scary. You climb and climb up a ladder, I’m guessing about 50 feet off the ground and it feels like you are a million miles up. Don’t look down! Then, when you reach the platform the next thing is to take a leap for the trapeze bar.  I stood there telling myself – out loud I think! – that I was all roped up. It didn’t matter if I missed.  I would simply glide down to the ground, but still you hesitate before you leap off the edge. Or I did.  It seems to go against everything in your body – to actually let go and leap off.  Eventually I did make a jump for it, but not a very good one.  I missed the trapeze bar, and as described, glided gently on my rope towards the ground, a bit like a giant spider on its thread – only less elegant.

And do you want to hear about the after effects? My legs were still shaky at supper time!  But I’m really proud I did it.  It was an amazing experience.  You just have to step off and trust that the rope will hold you.

Would I do it again?  Yes, in theory, but I haven’t actually gotten around to it yet!!