We keep coming back!

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23 March 2016
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19 April 2016

We keep coming back!

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We have been going to Lendrick Muir once a year since 2002 and have never had anything other than an amazing weekend.

From ease of booking, friendliness of staff, accommodation, catering and facilities we cannot fault Lendrick Muir.

Our group consists of around 120 people ranging in age from 12-40 so the varying sizes of rooms suits us really well – younger ones like to stay in the big dorms of 10 while older couples prefer to stay in the 2 bedded rooms.

What we particularly enjoy is the feeling that we have the run of the centre of ourselves. No one is looking over your shoulder or telling you how to run your own weekend away. It’s very much facilitated by the staff but you are left to get on with leading your own group which is great.

Every year when we go the centre we can see there have been improvements and changes made so it’s obvious a lot of work has been put in throughout the year in the up-keep of the property. Our younger people like the OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES and we like to give them a lot of freedom over the weekend to explore the outdoors. Lendrick Muir is in a great location for this and we always feel very safe on site.
We hope to keep enjoying the use of Lendrick Muir for many years to come!
Lorna Spiers
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