Top 6 reasons to join the Lendrick Muir Team

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From Philately to Philanthropy
17 March 2023
Drone photo above Lendrick Muir Residential Outdoor Activity Centre grounds. The large, red big top tent is pitched alongside the MUGA. A large, white marque is pitched next to the beach volleyball court. In the distance are multiple tents.
Magnitude Festival at Lendrick Muir
6 July 2023

Top 6 reasons to join the Lendrick Muir Team

Lendrick Muir Activities Instructors with a group of guests on the King SwingLendrick Muir Residential Outdoor Activity Centre has been providing outdoor adventurous activities for over 20 years. In that time, we’ve had the privilege of training up many new Activities Instructors. Some joined the team after finishing school or university, some had careers in completely different fields from instructing, some had only previously volunteered in youth work, but they all had something in common –

each had a passion for working in the outdoors, a desire to work with children and young people and a love of Jesus.

So why work at Lendrick Muir?

We got chatting with some of our current Activities team to find out what their favourite things are about working at Lendrick Muir Residential Outdoor Activity Centre.

Lendrick Muir Trainee Activities Instructor in the Low Ropes CourseIt’s varied…

“My favourite part of being an instructor is the combination of many things that I value and am passionate about. I get to work with young people, be outdoors, be active, work in education and share about Jesus with them”. Cat

Lendrick Muir Activities Instructor pulling ropes for the King SwingIt provides children and young people with so much more than an activity session…

“I love to see children come to a safe, supportive place where they can face their fears with encouragement and security. We give them a safe and different way to learn and grow. We can provide 3 meals in their belly and a clean bed to sleep in, which every child deserves”. Robyn

“My favourite part about the role is getting to be able to help children grow in confidence with the activities they take part in, from seeing them shoot a bow and arrow for the first time, or over come a fear of heights, to building their teamwork skills”. Ros

“My favourite part about my role is helping and supporting young people achieve something they never thought they  could. I love meeting young people where they are at, whether they are super excited to be here or feeling a little bit nervous. I love getting alongside them and helping them grow in confidence”. Laura

Lendrick Muir King SwingIt’s exciting…

“With the Activities Team we create a space where people can play, explore, and connect with nature and others. We get to have adventures with guests and colleagues”. Anna

Lendrick Muir group ready for paddlesports in helmets and lifejacketsIt’s inspiring…

“I love seeing young people succeed at something or grow and learn, and I love the variety”. Cat

“A favourite part of my role is seeing people grow in confidence and discover they can do more than they think”. Anna

“It’s a privilege to work in a place where we can provide fun, safe, new experiences for children and show/share with them God’s love and what our Saviour has done for us”. Robyn


We also asked the Activities Team what they’ve gained from their time working at Lendrick Muir Residential Outdoor Activity Centre.

Lendrick Muir ActivitiesIt’s more than a place to work…

“I’ve gained family and friends. Support and encouragement to continually grow and develop”. Robyn

“I’ve gained excellent friends, and a supportive community”. Cat

“I have gained new friendships that will last forever”. Ros

“Lendrick Muir is different to any team I have worked with before. Not only do we all follow Jesus and have a passion for young people, we all enjoy our jobs. You can have a laugh with the team but you know they’ll be there when you need their help with something serious”. Laura

It’s a place to grow…

“I’ve gained a lot of new skills, a job I love, a career that I am passionate about, as well as qualifications and opportunities to develop”. Cat

“I have also grown in my faith with God through mornings thoughts and onsite bible studies”. Ros


We are currently seeking to employ an Activity Instructor as well as recruit new Trainee Activity Instructors.

If you would love a job:

  •  in the outdoors,
  • where you see lives changed and
  • have the opportunity to gain new qualifications and
  • develop excellent friendships,

visit the SU Scotland Jobs page for more detail and to apply.

Want to find out a bit more about Lendrick Muir?

Get in touch for a chat or to arrange a visit.