Robert’s top 5

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16 March 2016
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23 March 2016

Robert’s top 5

Robert has been coming to Lendrick Muir every year for different events, since he was two. He has been to SU Holidays, SU Weekends, Church Weekends, the Big Celebration, a day of Soul Survivor and more. Now aged 14, we asked him to share his top 5 favourite things to do at Lendrick Muir and here’s what he had to say…

In no particular order, my top activities are

  1. Playing my cello – OK, so that’s a weird one, but I was at Music Camp and  had an amazing time! It is actually brilliant to make music for a whole week with such a fabulous bunch of people.
  2. Just hanging out with friends – yes I know I could do it anywhere, but I love hanging out with friends at Lendrick Muir. It does actually feel different.
  3. Playing in the snow – when I came with my church group in February a lot of our regular activities couldn’t happen because of a heavy snowfall, but who cares – we had such a lot of fun building an igloo and just generally enjoying the white stuff.
  4. Worship in the Kilpatrick room – it doesn’t matter whether it is quiet or noisy, I just love spending time with God in that space.
  5. Festivals – I only experienced one day of Soul Survivor last year, but I’m planning to be back for the whole event in 2016.
  6. Archery – it’s so satisfying when you hit the target.
  7. Wide games – I once helped to plan a game called “Minecraft in the Forest”  – an epic wide game for primary kids.

Oops. Was it supposed to be 5?  I’m still going!!  Go karting, trail biking and, of course, buying Pringles and Irn Bru at the tuck shop are just a few of my other favourites.

Share your top 5, 7 or even 10 favourite things at Lendrick Muir.  Just GET IN TOUCH and we may add your thoughts to our STORIES section.