Our Top activities and why to try them

High ropes
How does it feel on the high ropes?
5 February 2016

Our Top activities and why to try them

Activities - Bungee trampolines
Nightline activities

“Nightline was the best activity”

We asked our Instagram followers what their top activity was at Lendrick Muir. You might be surprised at what they say!

Lara and Paige liked Nightline, an obstacle course that you have to complete in the dark or with a blindfold, oh and just to provide that extra challenge you have to do it tied to your team mates! That means you have to work together, concentrate on your other senses and consider new ways to tackle the problems you will face. Lara said this was the best activity and she loved the challenge.

Kaid and Eve both favoured the Adventure Park with Kaid saying it was amazing and Eve saying she loved the mud fight with friends! The adventure park is available for all groups at Lendrick Muir and can be used in your free time too, so you can play loads of games and create your own amazing fun!

Jack and Jamie loved the high ropes course and especially the Jacobs Ladder. They loved having to work with their team mates to reach the top. Some of the team belay and make sure their team mates don’t fall and others climb they have to scale up and down a huge ladder made of tree trunks. There will be a few bruises after this one and the harness is pretty snug too.

The Inflatables are always a favourite but for Connor it was the Demolition Zone that won his vote. He loved that he was able to push his teacher off and win. Well done Connor. You can book the inflatables as an extra for your event but they are a fun addition if you need a good laugh at each other and a lasting memory for all to enjoy. One group even got some video footage for you’ve been framed!

Find the full list of ACTIVITIES available at Lendrick Muir and GET IN TOUCH to let us know you favourites.