Top 5 reasons to visit Lendrick Muir

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20 April 2016
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15 June 2016

Top 5 reasons to visit Lendrick Muir

We asked our facebook followers to give us their top 5 reasons for coming to Lendrick Muir.

Daniel Craib says my top 5 reasons are:

1. Great activities outdoors and indoors.
2. Awesome location with beautiful surroundings.
3. Brilliant people who lead the camps.
4. A great place to make fun memories.
5. Excellent place to engage with God.

Jen Robertson says:

1. Only 1 hour drive from Glasgow, excellent for a weekend break
2. Good kitchen facilities
3. Good lounges and all together space.
4. Good activities
5. Beautiful surroundings for outdoors adventures

And finally Ros Philips says “Everytime I go to Lendrick Muir it’s like coming home”.

What are your top 5? TELL US what you think!