16 March 2016

What Wendy said…

Wendy Brown is one of the staff at St Mungos, a large and lively church on the outskirts of Edinburgh. Every year they join forces with […]
7 October 2016
Admin planner

Making your volunteer cooks’ lives easier

Lendrick Muir cooks know how to produce good healthy, wholesome and yummy food in large quantities. We know what works in our KITCHENS and how much food people actually […]
21 October 2016

Camp, why take your kids?

It’s the October half term. Lendrick Muir is buzzing with 72 kids from across Scotland on a camp. There is the sound of many excited children […]
12 March 2018

Organising a weekend away? Go for it!

Organising a weekend away The thought of organising a weekend away for your church or youth can seem like a daunting idea.  We however, regularly see […]