Improvements of our facilities

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21 October 2016
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24 December 2016

Improvements of our facilities

At Lendrick Muir, we believe attention to detail is important. Many people visit the centre from youth groups, schools and uniformed groups to whole church residentials.  We understand you all have specific needs. We have a staff team working hard throughout the year making improvements to give you the best facilities possible.   It is hard to believe that Scripture Union has owned this site for nearly 20 years.

A key member of staff is Marek, our Facilities Manager, who joined the team two years ago. You probably won’t meet him when you visit.  However, you will certainly see the work he and his team, including our amazing volunteers, continue to do.   When asked what he has achieved in the last two years, the list was huge.

Improvements made

Improvements include removing the carpets from the dining rooms in the main building.  These have been replaced with industrial hardwearing flooring which has significantly helped in cleaning it. No more carpet cleaners needed when food or drink is spilled.

Have you noticed the upgraded bathrooms? This includes creating a room with a disabled bathroom in Glendevon, helping to make the building accessible to all. Not only this – Moubray now has a downstairs toilet. Invaluable!

Not all the work is so visual but much of it helps us to save money. This includes the solar panels on the store which cover all our electricity costs from spring through to autumn. We are currently upgrading all the lights to LEDs which again saves money. This means we can invest the money in other improvements.

Did you know that our team has not only been busy at Lendrick Muir but also the campsite at Scoughall? They have upgraded the electricity, the  water system and fire alarm.

Improvements to come

The work, however, is never finished and Marek has a long list he wants to achieve over the winter including bathroom upgrades to Glendevon along with another ensuite, upgrading and repressuring the water system, a wood burning stove in Moubray Drawing Room, carpet replacements, splitting of Glendevon bedrooms, and of course, there are more rooms to decorate.

dscf53541When asked what the favourite part of his job was, Marek replied, “Doing what I am wired for. I believe God gave me certain skills and now I am able to use them for him. I am just as excited now as I was two years ago!”

Can you help?

A lot of our work is completed over the winter. Do you have some spare time to help us? If you are a trained electrician, enjoy decorating or a keen gardener, we would love to HEAR FROM YOU. There is also the opportunity to give to our DEVELOPMENT APPEAL.