A year in the life of an outdoor centre

Improvements of our facilities
23 November 2016
So much to offer groups – need ideas?
11 January 2017

A year in the life of an outdoor centre

Christmas day is a few hours away and this year is coming to a close. Here are some reflections from Michael, the Centre Director at Lendrick as 2017 is about to begin. . . .

This has been a fantastic year at Lendrick Muir, we really have so much to be thankful for.  Here are a few of my 2016 highlights.

We have been able to make so many improvements to the centre this year which really improves what we are able to offer to our guests.  For example:

  • the KING SWING was launched (deliberate pun) at Easter and is rapidly becoming a favourite activity for many.
  • We installed a new CAR PARK at the front of the building this makes it a lot easier for those staying in the main house and also was a big plus during SOUL SURVIVOR.
  • The facilities team are currently splitting rooms in Glendevon and redoing several BATHROOMS AND SHOWERS including creating a new ensuite in the Ochil unit.  Glendevon will be so much more attractive with a lot more smaller bedrooms and new bathrooms.

We want Lendrick Muir to be the very best that it can be and these improvements really encourage us and we hope give you the best stay possible.

We launched this website earlier this year and have also greatly increased our activity on FACEBOOK (if you haven’t liked us yet – please do).  This is part of our desire to keep you up to date with what is happening here between visits and also make the centre known to a wider audience.  Whilst I am on this subject we also have a SPECIAL OFFER mailing list which if you want to know our latest offers you really should sign-up for.

We have had a more stable staff team this year.  We have also had some new volunteers GET INVOLVED which is a real encouragement to us.  I don’t think the team has ever been as strong as it has been this year.  For me it is a real privilege to lead such a fantastic group of staff and absolutely amazing volunteers (absolute heroes).  My thanks to each one for their contribution over this year.  You have been amazing!

Looking ahead to 2017 we are hoping to see many of you come back to the centre and hope that we are able to serve you well during your stay.  We are working hard to improve the centre during these quieter months so that your stay can be as special and meaningful as possible.

Have a wonderful Christmas.

Every Blessing