Volunteering – Margaret’s experience

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Volunteering – Margaret’s experience

Lendrick Muir would not be able to function without the generous help we receive from people volunteering with us. The Lendrick Muir team not only facilitate the work of Scripture Union but is also a family who support each other.  Volunteers are an integral part of the family.

Maybe you have been thinking about volunteering for sometime or maybe it has never even crossed your mind. Well, we wanted to give you a volunteer’s perspective on volunteering. So we spoke to Margaret.

Meet Margaretmargaret1

First of all, we love Margaret and not just because of the cakes she brings us! Like all the volunteers she is a friendly face who gets stuck in with helping and cares about the work of Scripture Union.  A retired teacher, Margaret has had a long association with SU which started as a girl of 7 when she was invited by the district nurse to join her school SU and then went on to participating in camps. Since then she has led holidays, cooked on camps, helped at school events and was even an SU schools worker in the 80s in Glasgow.

As Margaret said, “in SU, there is always something you can do. It is not just for children.”  So on retiring with some time to spare, she decided to volunteer at Lendrick Muir two days a week first looking after the plants and then later in the kitchen.

Why volunteer?

When asked why she volunteers, Margaret explained that she is fit and healthy and had the time. So why not?! She believes in the values of Scripture Union and Lendrick Muir. “Not only this,” she said, “it is rewarding and you get back as much, if not more, than you give.  It is a great opportunity to learn from each other. Volunteering is a very social activity with ‘good chat and banter!’ For those who are retired, it can give structure to your day and you gain new friendships.  Not everyone can give financially to the work of Scripture Union but if they have the time and energy, they can volunteer.”

Who is volunteering for?

Volunteering is perfect for anyone who has some spare time and has a willingness to help, whether it is a one off or on a regular basis. This could be someone retired but could also be a young adult wanting a learning opportunity in their holidays, for example.  Or it could be a student on a break from University or someone in-between jobs.  Lendrick Muir has many different volunteering opportunities. It could be helping with the catering, cleaning the house, cutting the grass, fixing the outdoor equipment, painting, helping the office. . . The list is endless.

We care and appreciate our volunteers

Over time Margaret has varied the amount of time she volunteers depending on her other life commitments. She states how she has always felt able to say no, if she is unable to help. There is never any pressure or obligation felt to volunteer. The staff are very appreciative and supportive of her.  At one point she found it too difficult to lift the heavy pots in the kitchen and staff, through chatting with her, decided that baking would be a better option for her.  We want our volunteers to come away feeling fulfilled and enjoy their time with us.

I am interested in volunteering. What now?

If you think volunteering might be for you, you can come in and see us or give us a call on 01577 842000 or e-mail lmoffice@suscotland.org.uk to find out what might work for you. There are so many ways you can help us and in turn we hope you will enjoy being part of the family!