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Your step by step guide to booking Lendrick Muir Activity Centre, Scotland

Before you contact us to make an enquiry there’s a few questions you should think about:

  • How many people will be coming with your group and what type of accommodation would suit?
  • Would you like to cook for yourselves or have us provide your meals?
  • Would you like to include any Activities in your programme?
  • Is there a particular weekend you’d like or does it depend on availability of the centre?

Dependent on availability, you can book one, two or all 3 of the units.



Once you’ve checked out all the details out, we can help you make a booking and get a plan in place for your event. Our guide to Making a Booking will help you think through all the ins and outs of a residential event.

It’s your visit and you’re in charge, but we’re there to help and make sure you get the most from the centre and your time with us. We can do more or less of the planning, depending on what will help you.

Because each event is tailored to the individual group we cannot make online bookings, only enquiries.

Our Booking Pathway(1) Have a look at how the booking process works.


In the event of cancellation by a group, the deposits paid are non-refundable. Where the cancellation occurs within twelve weeks of the event, groups will be liable for the full fee unless the vacancy can be filled by another group. If the event has to be cancelled by the centre for any reason and another mutually agreed date cannot be organised, any payment made will be refunded. More details will be available on the booking form.

Occupancies at a glance

Moubray – minimum occupancy 31; max occupancy 42

Ochil – minimum occupancy 56; max occupancy 74

Glendevon – minimum occupancy 37; max occupancy 50

Main house (Moubray & Ochil) – minimum occupancy 87; max occupancy 113

Whole centre (all 3 units) – minimum occupancy 124; max occupancy 166


From January – December 2024

Self-catered – up to £76.80 per person, per weekend

Part-catered – up to £124.00 per person, per weekend

We do not charge for guests aged 2 years and younger.

All prices include VAT.

From January – December 2025

Self-catered – up to £80.00 per person, per weekend

Part-catered – up to £129.00 per person, per weekend

We do not charge for guests aged 2 years and younger.

All prices include VAT.

Booking Enquiry

19 January 2023
12 images of Lendrick Muir - the house, the guests and event logos, with the names of the months of the year.

A year at Lendrick Muir

It’s fair to say that there’s no such thing as a normal year at Lendrick Muir. Things are always changing at a busy Outdoor Activity Centre. […]
23 September 2022
text Time for a Treat. 2 slices of flapjack on a red napkin

Time for a Treat

We regularly get lovely feedback about the catering at Lendrick Muir Residential Outdoor Activity Centre, but nothing gets more praise than the sweet treats that we […]

"The whole ethos of the Centre is safe and secure, run by leaders committed to giving young people a happy environment to learn about living a balanced, good life in this country. They give them Sporting Activities of a very high standard, opportunity to expand their skills and interests as well as opportunity to discuss the Bible and it's impact on life today."

Maggie, Volunteer and Guest

"I just always look forward to my days at the centre."

Teacher, St Agatha's Primary

Lendrick Muir books up well in advance so please CONTACT US as soon as possible. We would love to hear from you.

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