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Step by step guide on how to book Lendrick Muir activity centre in Scotland

If you’re interested in bringing your group to Lendrick Muir, you just need to get in touch to chat through some of the detail.

Here’s how to to book Lendrick Muir activity centre in Scotland. Most people want to think about three things before deciding to book at an outdoor activity centre. Where they will SLEEP,  what and when they will EAT and what ACTIVITIES they will do. Once you’ve checked these out, we can help you make a booking and get a detailed plan in place for your event.

It’s your visit and you’re in charge, but we’re there to help and make sure you get the most from the centre and your time with us. We can do more or less of the planning, depending on what will help you.

We want you to have a great experience. Maybe you want to focus on some outdoor activities. Maybe your weekend is more about time out or maybe you are looking for a conference location. All of these and more work at Lendrick Muir.


From January – December 2019

Self-catered – up to £50 per person per weekend

Part-catered – up to £81.50 per person per weekend

Fully catered – up to £102 per person per weekend

All prices include VAT.

Booking Enquiry

12 December 2019
Availability in early 2019

Availability in 2020

Check out our availability in 2020.  Could you imagine bringing your church or youth group maybe even an Alpha weekend away?  Lendrick Muir is a great […]
8 September 2016

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"The whole ethos of the Centre is safe and secure, run by leaders committed to giving young people a happy environment to learn about living a balanced, good life in this country. They give them Sporting Activities of a very high standard, opportunity to expand their skills and interests as well as opportunity to discuss the Bible and it's impact on life today."

Maggie, Volunteer and Guest

"I just always look forward to my days at the centre."

Teacher, St Agatha's Primary

Lendrick Muir books up well in advance so please CONTACT US as soon as possible. We would love to hear from you.

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