7 top admin tips for your church weekend away

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31 August 2016
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7 top admin tips for your church weekend away

We want planning for your church weekend away to be as smooth as possible.  Here are 7 admin things which will help you and help us serve you in the run up to your weekend:

  1. Do we have your request for ACTIVITIES? We prefer to have this between 4 – 6 weeks before your event.
  2. Have you informed your group that bed linen is provided but they need to bring their own towels?
  3. Have final numbers and dietary requirements been passed on to the cooks? If we are CATERING, we need this information 10 days before your event or sooner.
  4. Have the BED ALLOCATIONS been completed and returned at least 10 days before your event? If you’re struggling to fit everyone in, do get in touch and we might be able to help. In principle, there is 1 portable bed available in Moubray, Glendevon, Ochil first and Ochil second floor.  These can be used to help with the gender / friends ratio. There are a limited number of cots available too.
  5. Have you confirmed your arrival and departure times, cooks’ arrival times, welcome times, etc.? Please fill and return the INFO REQUIRED SHEET, 10 days before your visit.
  6. If part-catered, have you worked out service and clear-up duties? It usually works best to have one designated person who could liaise with our Catering Manager / Chief cook throughout the weekend.
  7. Has a copy of your programme been sent to the Lendrick Muir Office before your event?

Our friendly office admin staff are here to help as you work this through so please CONTACT US if you need to discuss any of your arrangements for your church weekend away.

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For some more admin ideas

Here is an article from Youth work on how to plan a weekend away.