Hope for the next generation

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8 June 2022
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23 September 2022

Hope for the next generation

We’ve had a super busy Easter and Spring term at Lendrick Muir. We’ve had 4,000 people through the doors here in the last few months! So many amazing opportunities and stories I’d like to share with you.

Let me start with a story that recently made my day! I was helping the House Team with cleaning the house after a School Residential. We are short staffed and we all need to pitch in wherever and whenever there is a need. I was cleaning a room on the top floor, thinking about the busy day ahead, knowing I would be dealing with so many emails (you know what I am taking about!). I was lost in thought while I was doing the simple task of making up beds. As I picked up a pillow, there hidden underneath, was an Action Bible! We talk to children about the importance of this special book and there it was, the seed of the Word planted in the young heart of whoever was sleeping in that bed!

That’s what makes me want to go to work every morning, to see the next generation exploring this special book.

It’s good to be back to normal residentials after the crazy 2 years of Covid. We are busily preparing for SU Holidays summer events and Magnitude , SU Scotland’s 5-day festival held in July.

We are also super excited about the Lendrick Muir Development Appeal. We want to make Lendrick Muir an even better place for young people and lay the foundations for future growth. The main thing we want to do is invest in the Sports Hall. We plan to build a climbing wall, upgrade the flooring and add heating so it can be used throughout the winter. There are other projects that we also want to do like upgrading the septic tank, replacing windows and repairing the flat roofs.

We are slowly rebuilding the team after the pandemic, and have a number of posts being advertised. I ask for your prayers in this. We, like the hospitality sector in general, are finding it very difficult to find people. We are seeking to find people who believe in what we do here and feel called to serve on the team. Please spread the word!

Thank you for your prayers and support. Thank you for standing with me and supporting the ministry of Lendrick Muir, where we seek to pass the news of hope to the next generation. I really value that. I hope that you will have a very blessed summer as the weather is getting better.




Marek, Centre Director