2017 Highlights from Michael

Making improvements over the winter season at Lendrick Muir
21 November 2017
Organising a weekend away? Go for it!
12 March 2018

2017 Highlights from Michael

Michael has been sharing his 2017 highlights.  There is no doubt it has been another busy year at Lendrick Muir.

1. Seeing the Lendrick Muir staff and volunteer team grow

At the start of the year this was set as our number one priority.  Both to see everyone working together as a team and to develop in their faith and relationship with God.  It has been fantastic to see that really happening.  It is great to have new members JOIN THE TEAM who ‘just got it.’

We have got amazing volunteers who are so committed to the work here and with that sense that as a team we are more than the sum of our parts, we are able to serve our guests better. So I hope if you come and visit in 2018, you will experience a really warm welcome from the great team we have here at Lendrick Muir.

2. Making improvements to the facilities at Lendrick Muir

Another of our 2017 highlights has been the many IMPROVEMENTS to the facilities. These include a new carpet and new furniture in Moubray Drawing Room including a new wood burning stove – a great focal point and fantastic in winter.  Upstairs, there are new bathrooms and ensuites in some of the bedrooms.  We have the desire to consistently improve the standards.  It has recently become apparent that the water system needed pressurising because it is all very well having a great looking shower but if what comes out of it is just a trickle… that is no good.

Not only have improvements been made inside but outside as well. There is new signage making it easier to both find the site and navigate around once you are here. Flood lights have also been installed around the building to help, especially during winter when it is dark outside and give the place a warm welcoming atmosphere.

Down by the King Swing and Lochan, a Kota has been installed. A Kota is a Finnish barbeque hut.  This provides a warm fire on a cold winter’s day.

We have been really blessed with generous support for the LENDRICK MUIR DEVELOPMENT APPEAL including a grant from the Swinton Paterson Trust which made the Kota possible. Our vision behind this is that it is a place particularly in winter where it provides a bit of shelter from the elements and groups come in here and can enjoy some marshmallows, enjoy the warmth of the fire and may be enjoy some songs.  We want guests to be able to make the most of Lendrick Muir all year round.

The final improvement  is actually a virtual one. We have improved our WEBSITE where you can find various different blogs and information for your visits with us including video content like the one above.  We have got a great FACEBOOK PAGE along with other social media so there are lots of ways you can keep in touch with us during the year and see what is happening here.   In January 2018, we are hoping to implement our new booking system which we really believe, is just going to make the whole process of booking the centre much smoother and easier.

3. How groups are using the centre

This is what it is all about –

It is so encouraging to see thousands of children and young people coming here each year.  We have had over 60 school residentials this year, holidays were packed in the summer and we hosted SOUL SURVIVOR for the third time and had nearly 1300 people here praising Jesus which is so exciting for us.   The feedback we get about the unique combination of fun activities, making new friendships, having delicious food – and of course, as a Christian centre – people growing in their faith or discovering the Christian faith for the first time.  This is what is really exciting for us and really motivates us as a team.

We hope you’ve enjoyed seeing and reading about some of our highlights from 2017. See you next year!