Soul Survivor through the storm

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7 July 2016
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10 August 2016

Soul Survivor through the storm

The  second ever Soul Survivor at Lendrick Muir has been even more exciting and dramatic than expected as high winds destroyed tents and made the Big Top unsafe as a venue on Sunday morning.

With gale force winds hitting the site throughout Sunday there was quite a bit of disruption.  Over 100 campers lost their tents but the local churches came to the rescue with 3 church halls being made available in addition to people moving indoors at Lendrick Muir itself. This amazing show of grace and support has been so welcomed by the campers who have managed to keep smiling.

A highlight of the week so far could easily have been a lowlight.  The big top was out of action due to the high winds, but rather than cancel the Sunday morning event we simply moved it outside. A bit of high wind doesn’t stop the young people of Scotland from worshiping Jesus.  This was an amazing memory for all of us who were there.

Sarah, a leader for a group of young people at Soul Survivor this week from St Mungo’s Edinburgh says, “‘Soul Survivor Scotland is definitely an adventure – never a dull moment! The wind and rain may rage but it hasn’t dampened our spirits. We are totally ‘up for’ three main meetings today and we are already seeing our awesome God meet us in awesome ways!’

SoulSurvivorBigTopHere at Lendrick Muir, we are delighted to be hosting our second Soul Survivor Scotland.  This week we welcome over 1200 people to the centre, the vast majority of which are camping around the 120 acre site.  A team of 180 made up of Lendrick Muir and Soul Survivor staff and some awesome volunteers are working together to make this amazing event happen.

Day tickets are currently available for Soul Survivor Scotland. The  weather forecast for the next few days is good and the forecast for young people to have an amazing time together at this summer festival is even better, so come and join us! Meanwhile the worshiping continues inside the big top: