Organising a weekend away? Go for it!

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18 December 2017
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9 April 2018

Organising a weekend away? Go for it!

Organising a weekend away

The thought of organising a weekend away for your church or youth can seem like a daunting idea.  We however, regularly see the BENEFITS OF TAKING A GROUP AWAY.  Our aim at Lendrick Muir is to take away the stress and provide you with facilities where people can have a great time away and really develop their friendships with each other and grow deeper in their relationship and understanding of God.

Flexibility of Lendrick Muir

Organising a weekend away with the flexibility Lendrick Muir provides we believe, means you can mould your event to suit your needs.  Whether you want a fully catered weekend so no one needs to cook, or self-catered to keep the costs down or somewhere in between with a part-catered weekend. Check out our MEAL PLANNER.  Maybe, you want an action-packed weekend with lots of INSTRUCTOR LED ACTIVITIES, or simply to do a few SELF-LED ACTIVITIES, or even just simply to sit beside a warm cosy fire.  We have plenty of IDEAS OF WHAT YOU CAN DO or GAMES YOU CAN PLAY.

First time experience of one of our guests

We spoke to a church leader about her experience of using Lendrick Muir for the first time.  When we asked her why she was taking the young people on a residential. She explained that she thought it would help them bond together as a group and also give them an opportunity to have a holiday or be away from home which they don’t normally get.

She stated that as a venue, Lendrick Muir suited exactly what they wanted, comfortable accommodation with plenty of food and activities which were enjoyed by everyone.  She explained how the instructor-led activities made running the programme easier for the leaders as it kept the young people well occupied.

 ‘Lendrick Muir is an excellent place for young people to enjoy an active, happy holiday in a safe environment.  But make sure you book early, as the centre is very popular.’

We were pleased to hear that the young people were all keen to return and parents were grateful to the church leader and her team for bringing them.  She explained how good it was to get to know them better in a relaxed setting.  A particular highlight for her was ‘seeing the smiles on the faces of young people who have many issues in their personal and family lives.’

We asked her the important question of whether she would do it again? She said, ‘Definitely!’

Anything else to add?

“Some of our youth club leaders had never been to Lendrick Muir before and they were overwhelmed by the suitability of this facility for youth groups.

They also were very impressed by the staff who “went the extra mile” in helping us – the instructors who were kind, friendly and very professional in their jobs (one young girl in our group said, “I have tried archery before but I couldn’t do it: the instructor here helped me so much”).

The catering staff who stayed around longer than their working hours to ensure we had everything we needed and to find a meal for a child who suddenly told us she was allergic to certain things, and indeed other staff who weren’t directly involved with our group who, when our group passed them in the corridor, smiled, were polite and held doors open for us.

The place undoubtedly exuded peace, happiness and goodness and was a testimony to what Christianity should be.”

Ready to go for it?

Have we convinced you about organising a weekend away?  Feel free to arrange to come up and visit Lendrick Muir.   Check out our LATE AVAILABILITY or GET IN CONTACT to find a date that suits you.  We would love to hear from you.